Facebook User 9/16/16

“It was the greatest experience ever at a hospital. I had no complaints, great food, and a outstanding staff to make sure I had everything I needed. I would truly recommend this hospital and it’s staff.”

Facebook User 9/27/16

“Best hospital in town and everyone is fantastic. They actually care about you and how you are feeling.”

Satisfied User, September 2016

“The nurses were awesome and very caring!”

Facebook User 4/12/16

“By far the best hospital stay ever! Thank you for paying attention to the small details!”

Satisfied User, September 2016

“Since this was my first experience in hospital, the staff were extremely helpful and friendly which eased my nerves. They went above and beyond so that I wouldn’t be scared.”

Facebook User 5/18/16

“I had my surgery here. They were wonderful. The doctor’s and staff are so friendly and helpful. If you have to have surgery this is a great place.”

Facebook User 5/18/16

“Great services. Very professional. I would recommend this hospital to everyone who considers getting bariatric surgery.”

Facebook User 5/12/16

“Awesome place. Nice rooms. Quiet. Clean. Helpful people.”

Facebook User 9/10/16

“Was treated respectfully from beginning to the end.”

Satisfied User, July 2016

“I like the small size of the facility with the large number of staff to take care of the patients.”